Maryland Home Offer offers the perfect solution for those who are forced to leave their current home and still in need of a place to live. You are used to homeownership and would prefer to avoid renting, but may not be in a position to buy a home traditionally. It would be ideal to have a high credit score to ensure you could receive a new loan from a mortgage company or bank. In most cases, people struggle to get home loan approvals due to their financial and credit history.

When you choose to purchase an “Owner Financed” home, you avoid the strict guidelines of most banking institutions and usually end up paying far less in housing than you would if you continued making rent payments. You work with us to receive your financing and not a big time bank or mortgage brokerage.

Maryland Home Offer realizes unfortunate circumstances affect average people, and sometimes these can lead to unemployment, unpaid taxes, liens, judgments, and lower credit scores. Luckily, there is light at the end of the tunnel for people that have gone through the ringer and desire a fresh start! We believe that someone’s past mistakes shouldn’t prevent them from having a second chance. If you’ve experienced financial difficulties in the past, but have since improved your credit and cash flow…. Maryland Home Offer wants to talk to you so we can sell you a Samuels Signature Home in the Baltimore, Maryland, D.C. or Virginia (DMV) area. We continually purchase new properties in good neighborhoods, often times fully remodel them, and sell them with owner financing terms to families in the DMV area.

Let’s work together to fire your landlord and help you obtain the American dream of HOME OWNERSHIP!

What’s the process to find my dream home??

  • Visit the Available properties ​page at and select your favorite home.
  • Take note of the address and drive to the home. When visiting the home, get to know the neighborhood by walking around the home and get a feel for the home by peaking through the windows.
  • After becoming more familiar with the home and you decide this is your dream home, fill out the Pre-Qualification Application ​form below.
  • Once you’ve completed our simple application, call us and we will schedule a showing right away. Our goal is to reach an agreement and approve your application within 3 days.

Pre-Qualification Application

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